Weekend Sixteen – Preparing for Lapland

This week has been full of busy tasks and getting ready for my week-long trip to Muonio, Lapland.

The program I am with, Rotary youth exchange organizes three trips for the inbound Finnish exchange students every year.

One of which is a week-long trip to Muonio, Lapland. Recently I’ve been feeling extremely busy, and I’ve been having long, full days every day for the past few weeks.

There’s been a lot of different tasks I’ve had to complete before leaving for Lapland, and on the week where I had visited Elyse we were climbing and I had ended up hurting something in my shoulder, so my host mom took me to the doctor, and that cost quite a bit of money and will take some organizing with my insurance company.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early for school and have a shower because I am basically getting home and having a nap so I can stay up on the bus and then driving to the bus stop to be picked up. Luckily Ingrid and I are getting on at the same place, so we both won’t be too bored for too long.


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