Weekend Fifteen- Naantali

This week I visited Naantali, Turku, and Katerina for the weekend, it has been a very busy week visiting Satu’s (my host mom) family and visiting Elyse in Jyvaskyla for a day, but I am happy that I was able to go and go and see her.

On the first day, she showed me around a little bit, going on a walk to a cool church, her school, and the Moomin island. The next morning we went to this medieval castle which was insane, and something I swear came out of a dream.

At some point, we were walking through these tiny little hallways and crevices that bent and twisted in random directions and then all of the sudden we would appear in this massive room with 40ft high ceilings and detailed art.

There was a beautiful mix of everything being absolutely massive and also delicate and detailed at the same time. I remember walking through an archway thinking it was weird that on one side the wall was in such a weird spot and was at a weird slant and then I looked again and realized ‘that’s not a wall, that’s a door!’

Katerina and I both had such a good time exploring the 13th-century castle we almost spent the whole day there. We ended up taking a detour through a shipyard to get home and found a cool pizza place for dinner. I can’t wait to go back to Turku and enjoy the city again!

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