Week Twelve – The Halloween Party

Last night our rotary club had a Halloween party and Ingrid, Chiara and I took a train to Jyvaskyla, and we all dressed up as characters from Moomin.

I was Moomin mamma, Ingrid was Moomin papa and Chiara was Pikku Myy. It was tons of fun, and it was great to see everyone again. Our district was already pretty close, and everyone got along really well, and I was really lucky to have all of my closest friends from Karkku with me.

Sadly I had such a good time, I misplaced my bank card by accident, to be honest knowing me its actually a shook I haven’t already lost it. I’ve called the train station, and the place we were staying, and I’m really hoping we will find it.

My host mom was really helpful when I told her about it, and she helped me translate when speaking over the phone. Luckily I was also able to get a hold of my mom as soon as I noticed the card was missing and she was able to cancel the card almost immediately.

It was definitely an eventful Halloween, and except for losing my bank card, I had a really great time with my district.

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