Week Seventeen – Lapland

I’ve had the most spectacular week in Lapland, and I’m so sad it’s over.

When we first arrived at the bus stop Ingrid and I met up and found out that a few of our friends from Karkku and the district camp are also riding with us. Stas, Elyse, and Saim were all on different buses sadly but we had Brydee, Andrew, Bradley, and a few other people.

When we arrived the next morning we all unpacked and got set up in our rooms. Our bus was quite early so Ingrid and I had some free time to set up before everyone else arrived. This was nice because I also had first pick in beds and got time to unpack before my roommates arrived.

Before we knew it, everyone was outside near the river hanging out, taking photos, and blasting music. We got to know all of the people we hadn’t met in Karkku, either because they were late or because they were Australians.

Then it was time for lunch, and the food was insane. We got to eat in a separate place since we were staying at a hotel and they still had other guests. After the first day of getting to know each other and enjoying a small tour of the area, we had a full day of visiting husky puppies, riding reindeer and husky pulled sleds, going on a tour through some of the oldest homes in Lapland, and hanging around the hotel. We all gathered together for some games and music at the end of the day.

The next day we went skiing and snowboarding, and for the first hour, I had tried (and failed) to learn how to snowboard. When I hurt my wrist pretty badly I decided to take a short break. I knew I wasn’t ready to give up on the day so quickly so instead I decided to go back to skis, something I’m more comfortable with, and spend the rest of my time ripping up and down the bunny hill.

After a day of skiing, we all got cleaned up and dressed a little bit fancier for talent night at a nearby school. We all had lots of fun as a group and a few Brazilian girls were going around throwing glitter and one of them got me really good, dumping what was left off the container all over my head.

The next day was our last day in Lapland and for most of us the last time we see the Australians, so as a tradition they give us gifts to pass down to the next year of exchange students.

Brydee, the only Australian in our district gave me a Canadian flag and she said it’s for people who are there for you when you need them most or people that you will always have their back when you need them.

This exact flag was what she gave me at our district camp in Jyvaskyla when she realized I didn’t have a flag. What followed was an amazing party and movie session then crashing in our rooms. It was a great end to an amazing trip, and I’m so thankful to have been able to attend.

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