Week Fourteen- Touring with Elyse and Lola

Today Elyse and another girl from Catalan named Lola visited Ingrid and I in Tampere. Lola really wanted to go shopping and Elyse wanted to visit a museum so we took them to Ratina, the mall in Tampere, and an art exhibit that was going on for the week.

The mall was lots of fun and we decided to stop for ice cream and Ingrid and I bought matching PJs for our Lapland trip that is coming up in a couple weeks. The art museum was actually really good and a lot of exhibits were very beautiful, I think my favorite was a photographer from Tampere that overlapped photos he took of the street in modern Tampere and photos taken during the civil war in Finland.

Another exhibit I found really interesting was the ‘vesi’ one that was happening downstairs, and it was made up of a lot of different artists coming together and creating pieces that had to do with water (vesi in Finnish).

Lola got a little bored at the end, so we did end up leaving quicker than we wanted but it was really nice to go and see it even if it was only for a little while.

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