Week Eleven – Visiting Sweden

Today my host family and I got in the car and drove to Turku, then got on a cruise and went to Sweden for a fall vacation.

We had to leave quite early in the morning to be able to make it onto the cruise on time. The car ride was quite long, but it was really nice because no one likes sitting in the front, so I got to.

I slept for most of the ride because we had to get up so early. We must have stopped on the way a few more times than I remember because when we arrived in Turku, it was dark outside.

My host dad drove us around Turku a bit because we arrived a little early for the cruise. There was a lot of cute cafes, a massive castle we drove past and a beautiful river running right through the center of town. On the side of the river, people have parked their sailboats and strung them up with lights.

When we arrived at the harbor the ship was already waiting for passengers, and it blew my mind how huge it was. It didn’t take long for us to dock the boat, and when we did I saw two other girls I had met at Karkku, Chiarra, and Marianna. Chiara is from Northern Italy, and Marianna is from Toluca, which is just outside of Mexico City.

I had an amazing time in Sweden and took tons of photos, I was a little bummed we missed the castle, but we got to walk around and enjoy a bunch of other things. When we came back to the ship I had a long nap an then hung out with Chiarra and Marianna most of the night. When we got back to Turku we all packed up and drove all the way home, stopping for subway one time along the way.

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