Week Eighteen – Changing Host Family

It’s been so nice to be able to relax after having spent my past few weeks in a very ‘go, go, go’ state of mind.

I started to do a bit of cleaning and pre-packing early in the week, so I don’t have to worry about it later on. I’m not really worried about how long it will take to pack, more so the task of packing is annoying having packed and unpacked so much this month.

I do like that my bags don’t have to weigh a certain amount or look a certain way, the stuff just has to fit. My new host parents wanted to meet us halfway, but we ended driving all the way to avoid packing and unpacking my luggage out one car and into another car.

As soon as I arrived at my new home I was greeted by Illari and Taina, my new host parents. I have four host sisters and two host brothers, but the family is split between three houses since some of the kids are adopted and some of them are a part of other families because both Taina and Illari have remarried.

I quickly settled into my room, which is very nice and reminds me a lot of home. With colorful walls and a cute bed, I felt right at home. My second host mom had made us lunch and I found out very quickly that she is a very good cook.

I also love their dog Rolle, although I can tell he has been spoiled. I love my new host family so much and I’m so glad they’ve opened their home to me and I will get to know them.

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