Week 9 • Making Pizza

I’ve decided to make pizza for my host family this weekend and my host mom and I are going shopping for ingredients for the two types of pizza I’m going to make. I also want to make the banana bread my mom makes and a few Thai recipes that my mom always makes. Today I went on a little coffee date with Ingrid and we had a lot of fun, she’s become one of my closest friends on my exchange so far, and I’m so thankful for her because she gets my humor like no one else. I didn’t realize how weird North American humor is, and how much of it doesn’t make it to Europe, and also how much of a psychopath that makes me look like. The next day Roni messaged me around 6, asking if I was free, and around 6:15 Mirro had pulled up the driveway and we were on our way to Santtu’s house. I really enjoy the way Finnish teenagers act, it might just be the ones I’ve met so far, but generally speaking, they don’t make such a big deal about little things. Back home, there was always so much drama, who says what, whose dating who. I think that comes from being so locked in, thinking only about our small, little town in our small, little city. In Tampere, it’s two hours and you’re on the other side of the country, three and you’re in a whole new one. Teenagers think about their future, and petty arguments are non-exsistent.


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