Week 8 • Muumi Museo

Today Chiara, Ingrid, and I visited the Muumi museum today and I loved it. Sadly there weren’t pictures allowed inside the museum, (we still managed to sneak a few), so I couldn’t send any to my family. I learned a lot about the history and creation of the characters and the author/artist, Tove Jansson. All of the little sculptures and tiny details went into all of the work. We also came up with an amazing Halloween costume idea while we were there, being Muumi characters. After the museum, Ingrid and I went shopping for a few things that were on our list. The next day my host mom offered to take me to the Tampere art museum, and that was also tons of fun, and we got to stay for a long time. There were these chairs, that are also in Ingrid and mine’s favorite place to hang out, the library next to our school. We call them eggs, but that is definitely not what they are, they are more like sphere shaped solid hammock things. We don’t know exactly what they were but we were looking up how much they cost, and they are extremely expensive. The art museum had a few different exhibits set up and one of them was based off of the civil war and photos were taken during that time, blended with photos taken in the same place today. As well as this exhibit they did about water and the movement of water, and I really liked the sculptures done. Earlier this week I performed at TYK with a band from one of my music classes, with two boys that barely spoke English. We wrote a song together for a project we had to do earlier in the year, and the teacher picked it as the song we perform. I was really proud of the song because I had written the lyrics and one of the other boys wrote the music. Some of the other girls in my class said I did really well, which meant a lot because I saw them as really talented singers and afterward, I realized I didn’t ask anyone to film it, which was too bad but hopefully I will be able to perform in TYK again.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 • Muumi Museo

  1. Sandra Krauer says:

    Perhaps you can perform at Penticton Rotary Ribfest next year as I don’t think you will have returned in time for it this year.


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