Week 7 • IB Camp

This weekend Ingrid, Chiara, and I are catching a train to Jyväskylä to participate in the In-Bound camp for our Rotary district. Rotary had emailed us an itinerary and it is packed full of lots of fun things to do. I was talking to Ingrid and we both agree that our district has a really amazing group of people. I’m really excited to see Elyse and Saim again, probably my two closest friends from Karkku, and Ingrid is just happy that there are no other French people in our district. Getting on our train we noticed a few other exchange students ended up taking the same train, one girl being a friend of Ingrid’s, named Anna. The train ride wasn’t too long, and when we arrived we met up with a few more exchange students and went on a walk to get some food. We all sat in a hallway on the floor of the mall, and before long Ingrid had mentioned the ukulele she brought for me to play, and encouraged me to show everyone what I could play. I couldn’t help but think we looked like a very odd bunch of hippie/tourists to those who were passing by us. Carrying hiking backpacks and suitcases, playing weird music, and speaking a jumble of languages. When we decided we should walk back to the train station we realized it was pouring rain, and I mean really raining cats and dogs. Jogging back as quickly as possible, we met up with the bus that would be taking us to camp, and piled on, soaking wet. When we arrived at camp we picked rooms almost immediately, Ingrid, Elyse, Brydee (our only oldie, we met her on the bus), Veronica, Lonnie and I shared a room. The more we got to know Brydee she turned out to be a really awesome girl, and we had a lot of fun together. Veronica and Lonnie were fine, it was maybe a bit more difficult to get along with them because they preferred quiet and our ‘Canadian’ friend group was the loudest by far. I say ‘Canadian’ because only the core of the group is Canadian, the rest contains honorary Canadians, like Ingrid, Stas, Pipper, Ducky, Lillian, and Brydee. Anna was also part of the group but she has Canadian and American citizenship, so we count her as real Canadian. We all got really close during that weekend and we’re all really glad to finally be together in a smaller group.

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