Week 6 • Hockey Game & tampere Tour

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time with my classmates, and less and less time with the exchange students. I think that this is a positive change because I want to be able to speak Finnish in a more relaxed setting as well as be able to communicate quickly. There are a few people from my classes that have invited me to hang out as well as a few people I’ve met during lunch, or in the hallways. One boy, Ronni, and his friends Niclas, Mirro, Rosalina, and Santtu have all become good friends of mine. Yesterday I went to my first hockey game in Finland with Ronni, Niclas, and Mirro. We had lots of fun cheering for Tapara, (Ronni’s favorite team) and afterward we went and got nakifakarit (Finnish wieners) and listened to Finnish music in Mirro’s car. I really like hanging out with all of them because I was able to see what Finnish teenagers do, and how they plan to hang out. It is a bit different than Canada because they will just send a text saying that they are at this kebab place and people will decide if they want to come or not. There is definitely a lot less scheduling needed, and I think that has a lot to do with the easily accessible public transit system. Getting rid of the need for rides or checking what other peoples plans are. Tomorrow Ingrid and I will be taking Stas, the Polish exchange student, on a tour around Tampere. I have a feeling this tour could get a little interesting because Stas definitely has feelings for Ingrid, and Stas can be quite blunt at times. We plan on taking him to our favorite places to hang out, a few nice coffee shops, some historical buildings, and probably a few museums. Earlier this week I had gone to Vaprikki during some free time I had (the museum I had mentioned Tampere that I went to with my host brother) and I wouldn’t mind going there again. It’s nice to have plans all the time I think, and I’m really getting to know the ins and outs of this city (I think).

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