Week 10 • Katerina Visits Tampere

This weekend Katerina is coming to visit me in Tampere. I’ve already got where I want to take her planned. I want to take her to some of the places Ingrid and I took Stas, but I knew we were probably going to spend more time in the library because Katerina loves books. I also want to take her on a walk through my town, Rahola, which is a little bit outside of Tampere. There’s a beautiful forest right behind my house, and since it’s fall, all the leaves are beautiful colors. I also want to take Katerina to the theatre when she visits, because Tampere is actually famous for its theatres and Katerina loves the theatre. I think Katerina and I will have lots of things to do here, and it will be a very busy weekend. Today Ingrid, Chiara and I went to the trampoline park close to their home and we had tons of fun. We were only there for a few hours but it was very exercising. Originally, I wasn’t planning on doing anything today except clean my room for when Katerina came. Ingrid had messaged me in the morning and asked if I wanted to come with her and Chiara. Chiara had already been to the park once, so Ingrid met me in the center and we took a bus to the park were we met Chiara. Anna, the American/Canadian girl saw that I posted a video of Chiara doing a flip into the foam pit on my story and says we are going to go again when she comes into town. I was actually a little shocked at how cheap the tickets were because for a full day pass and trampoline socks were only 9 euros. After the trampoline park, I think Chiara had a Finnish lesson or something to go to, but Ingrid and I decided to go shopping again and look for more pieces of our Halloween costume. Ingrid has decided she wants to be Muumipapa and I want to be Muumimamma, and we think Chiara is going to be Pikku Myy, but she hadn’t made up her mind. We want Yuki to be a Hattenfattener, but we don’t know if he’s going to the party or not.

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