Week 5 • Second Host Family & Helsinki

This weekend I’m going to be visiting my second host family in their summer cabins.

I’m excited to see what they are like, and happy that I will be able to spend some time with them before I move in with them. My second host family is a bit larger than my first, and people will be coming and going from the house a lot more often.

This weekend I’m going to be with Pihla and Greta, two of the six children on the family, their biological father, and his wife. We will all be packing into their tiny car and drive for one hour up to their summer cottage, where we will row a small boat on the lake, enjoy the sauna, card games, and a grilled dinner.

I’ve only met Pihla once, but I could tell her and I would get along quite well because for the hour we were together we had already talked about more than Milja and I had talked for a whole week. This week has actually been packed full of trips since earlier this week my host mom took me for a day trip down to Helsinki center.

I was able to spend the day doing what I want since Satu had a meeting. I walked all around the square and took tons of photos, then after Satu’s meeting, we went for lunch and then to an outdoor cafe right on the side of the harbor. We watched two massive cruise boats navigate their way out of the harbor and I drew in a book that I had bought at a store earlier in the day.

We also went to a museum and I got to see a painting done by Vincent Van Gogh! I really enjoyed the museum and I wish we were able to go to more during the day. I slept most of the train ride home since my phone was dead and I had spent the whole day walking around.

We were actually really fortunate with the weather when visiting Helsinki, which was odd because we were told it was going to rain for the entire day. In the morning, when we had arrived, Helsinki was cloudy and cold, as it had been for the past week. During the day though, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out, and it actually got really warm.

When we had arrived home again Satu checked the weather again and read that it was going to rain for the next few days. I went to bed quite early that night, tired from the fours hours travel and 30km of extra walking I did that day.


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