Week 3 • TYK


When my guarantee form had arrived via email, right away I noticed the blue stamp mark that had been scanned onto the pdf. It verified my attendance at Tampereen Yhteiskoulun Lukio, or as most know it, TYK.

At the time I had no idea how lucky I was, to be attending a school full of accepting and creative students. The classes here are insane, and for my first period, I was given two music classes, a Swedish class, and an art class. They wanted to give me easier classes to start, which was good because I am quite busy.

I met a few students that are in more than one of my classes and I spend most of my school days with them. Usually, I start school at 9:30, make my way to my first class, which on Mondays is music. Music is probably my favorite class, and it’s very different from music back home. Instead of playing instruments like flute, saxophone or clarinet, we played in small bands, with drums, electric guitars, and pianos, choosing what songs we would like to perform to our classmates, even writing our own songs sometimes. All of the students are extremely talented and were able to play lots of instruments quite well.

In art class, we get a new project almost every day. In Swedish, it’s sometimes difficult to follow along, but I learn a lot every day. The school building is also a very interesting place, historically it was a base used by ‘The Reds’ during Finland’s civil war. The prison under the building acts as a cafeteria and there are still bullet holes on one side of the building.

The top floors have recently been redone and are now decorated with colorful rugs and bean bags and couches for the students to sit on.

The rest of the school continues with a ‘royal’ theme, decorated with lavish paintings and sweeping curtains. Both the history of the building and its new modern interior clashes beautifully, making it a really interesting building to spend most of my time in.

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